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1. Consider the following statement choose the most appropriate answer

(i) Rasulullah & Sayidina Abu Bakr

(ii) Sayidina Ali bin Abu Talib

(iii) Sayidina Abbas bin Abdul Muttalib

(iv) The slaves and captives

Among those whose his/their Islamic status was clear, when the hijrah was authorized, most of the Companions had already left for Medina except for the following….

a. i & iii

b. ii & iv

c. i, ii, iii

d. All answers are correct

2. The following are the lessons we can take from the preparation of the Hijrah of the Messenger of Allah and Sayidina Abu Bakr:

a. The Prophet did not want to accept free help

b. Sayidina Abu Bakar stood idly by waiting for the hijrah order

c. Rasulullah gave Sayidina Abu Bakr’s children gifts so that they would not be sad to be left behind by hijrah

d. The Prophet appreciated Sayidina Abu Bakr’s loyalty in waiting for the hijrah order to come down

3. Consider the following statement:

(i). Every step of the way is sunnah and therefore he needed to do something that his people could follow.

(ii) What is commanded is the hijrah, not the details of how to hijrah.

(iii) It would harm his weak followers if they also imitated him in migrating openly.

(iv) The Quraysh strengthened their surveillance after the exodus. 

As stated in the book, which is not the reason why the Prophet did not hijrah openly like Sayidina Umar is:

a. i & iii

b. ii & iv

c. i, ii, iii

d. All statements are correct

4. The verse recited by the Prophet when passing by the troops prepared to besiege his house in Mecca is:

a. Yasin 1-9

b. Yasin 76-83

c. Al Fath 1-7

d. Al Fath 46-48

5. The Prophet and Abu Bakr headed to Medina via the route to Yemen 


It was the safest route from the pursuing Meccan polytheists.

a. Statement is true, reason is true, both show cause and effect relationship

b. Statement is true, reason is true, but both do not show a cause and effect relationship.

c. True statement and false reason

d. False statement and true reason

6. The Messenger of Allah and Sayidina Abu Bakr migrated to Medina by means of:

a. Riding a camel from Mecca to Medina

b. Walking from Mecca to Medina

c. Walk to the Cave of Thawr and Ride a camel to Medina

d. Walked to the Cave of Thawr and hitchhiked a trade caravan going to Medina

7. The interesting thing that we can take lessons from the meeting between the Prophet and Suraqah, who initially intended to hand over the Prophet to the polytheists of Mecca in exchange for gifts, is:

a. Faith is more valuable than gifts

b. Suraqah could not resist the Prophet

c. The courage of Sayidina Abu Bakr became the shield of the Messenger of Allah from Suraqah’s threat

d. Rasulullah performed a counseling role by giving him a target that must be achieved by a Muslim

8. Not included in the events at Quba are:

a. The Messenger of Allah welcomed Ali ibn Abi Talib.

b. The Prophet built a mosque and offered his first Friday prayer

c. The Messenger of Allah bought an asset from Sad bin Haythama and made it a place of gathering

d. The community welcomed the Prophet with self-defense as an anticipatory step if there was an attack from the polytheists of Mecca

9. Consider the following statement:

(i) the residence of Khalid bin Zaid

(ii) chosen by Qaswa

(iii) built by the king of Yemen, Tubba As’ad Abu Kurib Al-Khimyari

(iv) did not belong to the maternal clan of the Prophet’s grandfather Shaibah bin Hasyim

The following is a correct statement about the place where the Messenger of Allah stayed in Medina before his house was completed:

a. i & iii

b. ii & iv

c. i, ii, iii

d. all statements are correct

10. What is not included in the restructuring efforts of the City of Medina after the arrival of the Prophet is:

a. brotherhood between muhajir and anshar

b. building a mosque

c. population census, setting city boundaries, and building an energy center

d. agreements or charters that regulate the association of community members

11. Abu Jahal was the main actor who prompted the outbreak of the Battle of Badr


The merchandise escorted by Abu Sufyan to Damascus was taken back by its owner

a. Statement is true, reason is true, both show cause and effect relationship

b. Statement is true, reason is true, but both do not show a cause and effect relationship.

c. True statement and false reason

d. False statement and true reason

12. When there was no revelation guidance from God to solve the problem of prisoners of war after the victory of Badr, what the Prophet did was:

a. invited his companions to discuss and consult each other

b. made his own decision

c. using the custom of Bani Najjar

d. released the prisoners of war

13. The wisdom that we can take from determining the strategy to face the plan of the Quraysh army who arrived at Uhud to attack Medina after their defeat at Badr is:

a. The Prophet wanted to give the opportunity to the companions who were absent in Badr to get the glory of jihad in Uhud.

b. The best defense is to attack

c. The formation of the Muslim military forces that gained their first experience with victory

d. The Prophet wanted to patent consultation as the life of the Muslims.

14. The companions who were martyred at the hands of Ibn Qamiah were:

a. Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib

b. Mushab bin Umair

c. Zubair bin Awwam

d. Abdullah bin Jubair

15. Although the Muslim army received a crushing blow at Uhud, in the end the polytheists returned to Mecca because:

a. panicked after hearing that the Messenger of Allah was again gathering troops to pursue them

b. felt they needed to return home with at least this partial victory

c. the polytheists lost a lot of resources at Uhud so they needed time to recuperate

d. Their small goal of making the prophet’s uncle, Sayidina Hamzah, fall as a martyr had already been achieved

16. Salman Alfarisi’s idea to confront the polytheists in the Battle of Ahzab came from:

a. combat experience

b. consultation and deliberation

c. inspiration

d. scriptures before the Qur’an

17. Here is the Prophet’s contribution in preparing for trench warfare as narrated in the book except:

a. digging

b. bringing milk for the volunteers

c. delivering motivational words

d. preparing equipment

18. the banner holders of the muhajirin and ansar at the battle of khandaq were:

a. Abu Ubaidah bin Al Jarrah and Saad bin Rabi’

b. Zaid bin Harithah and Saad bin Ubadah

c. Ali bin Abi Talib and Usaid bin Khudair

d. Jafar bin Abu Talib and Saad bin Muadz

19. The point also known as the second Uhud jihad field is

a. Hamraul Asad

b. Mount Sal

c. Ahzab

d. Nadwah

20. If those who believe are taxed, those who do not believe but take refuge under the power of Islam are taxed a/an…

a. alms

b. spoils

c. jizyah

d. ghanimah

21. The figure who broke down the door of Khaibar was:

a. Ali bin Abu Talib

b. Jafar bin Abu Talib

c. Abdullah Rawahah

d. Zaid bin Haritsah

22. When lust and anger overtook reason, the allies of the Quraish disbelievers attacked the Prophet’s allies, the Banu Huza’a. Facing the risk of a counterattack from the Messenger of Allah, the decision taken by the Mecca polytheists was:

a. Escape out of Mecca

b. Preparing troops to face the Muslim troops

c. sending envoys to negotiate the extension of the ceasefire

d. resigned to the fate that would befall them

23. The role of Companion named Damrah in Fathul Mecca was:

a. ensuring the psychology of policy makers on the side of the Mecca polytheists after the attack on the Banu Khuza’ah.

b. calculating the size of the Mecca army for the needs of battle preparation

c. investigating points that were not under guard so that Muslim troops could enter Mecca without being discovered.

d. making alliance agreements to strengthen the strength of Muslim troops

24. The Companions who were assigned by the Prophet to clean the Kaaba from various images of associating partners with Allah were

a. Umar

b. Ali

c. Usamah

d. Zaid

25. The opponents of the Muslim army at the Battle of Tabuk were

a. Gathafan tribe

d. The Jews who were expelled from Medina

c. Byzantine

d. Persia

26. In what year did the Prophet Muhammad send a letter to the Byzantine Emperor?

a. 625

b. 626

c. 628

d. 629


27. When our Prophet went on a journey with his mother, Amina. Due to illness, his mother died on the way near a village called …

a. Abwa

b. Ajyad

c. Khansa

d. Hajj

28. On his first trip to Damascus with his uncle, Abu Talib. The Prophet Muhammad and his caravan entourage met with…

a. Priest Behura

b. Monk Behura

c. Priest Bahira

d. Monk Bahira

29. From the following list, which is not the title of the prophet Muhammad is …

a. Al-Amin

b. Al-Mahiy

c. Al-Hasyr

d. Al-Fayyadh


30. When renovating the Kaaba, the tribes in Mecca argued about who would place the black stone. Who among the people then suggested that the person who placed the stone was the first man to enter the door of the Ka’ba?

a. Abu Thalib

b. Abu Jafar

c. Abu Umayya

d. Abdullah


(i) Zaynab

(ii) Ruqayyah

(iii) Umm Kulthum

(iv) Fatima

The order of the prophet’s daughters from oldest to youngest is…

a. iv-iii-ii-i

b. iii-ii-iv-i

c. i-ii-iii-iv

d. iii-ii-iv-i

32. The messenger of Allah met with Gabriel in a cave called …… located on the mount  …….

a. Hira – Safa

b. Hira – Nur

c. Nur – Safa

d. Nur – Hira

33. The first group of people to believe in Allah and his messenger, who were still children at the time, were

a. Abu Bakr

b. Ali ibn Abu Talib

c. Zayd ibn Haritha

d. Arqam ibn Abi’l-Arqam

34. When the pilgrimage season arrives, the disbelievers of Qurays are worried because…

a. the number of people who will make the pilgrimage

b. the city is less safe

c. the pilgrims talked to the messenger of Allah

d. the damaged condition of the Kaaba building

35. Umar ibn al-Khattab converted to Islam after he experienced the events of

a. traveled to Medina

b. hearing the recitation of the Koran by the messenger of Allah and his brother

c. made a pilgrimage to the graves of his ancestors

d. discussing with tribal leaders in mecca

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