Online Literacy Competition Reading the Sirah of the Prophet

Semua Membacanya is an online literacy competition to read the Prophet’s story which is held annually by Mata Air Magazine. Since 2020 until 2022, this competition has been attended by thousands of participants from various elements and various age ranges. Participants came from 34 provinces in Indonesia and also Indonesian citizens in 15 countries in the world (Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, Canada, South Korea, Oman, Turkiye, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Japan, Germany, Hungary and Taiwan).

Emulating the Prophet

The inspiration of the Semua Membacanya was born out of an awareness of how important it is for Muslims to recognize the Noble Prophet, Rasulullah Muhammad PBUH, as a role model in life. His life is full of love and compassion that in his interactions with other people (especially his Sahabah or companions) can be an example for each of his followers in their daily lives. This process of introduction will not be possible if there is no means or motivations why we should know him better.

By participating in this competition, you will get:

1. Useful knowledge
2. The wisdom that you can take from the Prophet’s life journey
3. Filling time with productive and useful things
4. Competition certificate
5. Opportunity to win prizes

Kategori Pelajar

* The prizes listed above are with Rupiah currency value (Indonesia). The nominal value will be converted to USD for overseas winners.




Your attendance at the online book review seminar. The quiz score proportion is 40% of the average of 2 quizzes from the 2 seminars.

Your participation on the final online exam. The participants who cannot attend the exam at the time can take a make-up exam with the condition that the score obtained will be reduced by 15 points.

Your score. Get the highest score in the final exam on November 12, 2023. The proportion of the final exam score is 60%.


In the event that there is an equal score, the criteria for who is the best participant will be determined by the speed of time in completing the final exam questions.

Participants can only choose one book to read and take the final exam. For English native participants can choose “The Luminous Life of Our Prophets Life” book.

Addition and subtraction of points during the final exam:

    * Participants who solve the questions in the 1st 30 minutes of the exam time will receive an additional 10 points.
    * Participants who solve the questions in the 2nd 30 minutes of the exam time will receive an additional 5 points.
    * Participants who solve the questions in the 3rd 30 minutes of the exam time will receive a deduction of 5 points.
    * Participants who solve the questions in the 4th 30 minutes of the exam time will receive a deduction of 10 points.

Testimonies form the Winners of Semua Membacanya 2022

Amiera Nisrina Salsabila Helmi

This competition can be a means for me to deepen the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH , which turns out to be something extraordinary, when i dived further into the story of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Salsabila Nayla Paramitha

Alhamdulilah, with the Semua Membacanya competition from Mata Air Magazine, I can maintain my productivity. Writing article requires me to continue to look for references by reading. And thank God, in addition to being more productive, I have gained more knowledge.

Afriza Hanifa

My deepest gratitude to Mata Air Magazine. May Allah make it easy for the team to spread love for our role model, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Halima Tusadia

Thank you for gaining valuable experience through the literacy workshop on writing the Prophetic Sirah delivered by renowned writers, which encouraged us to reopen the literature, hone ourselves to read and reunderstand the Prophetic Sirah from a very wide range of aspects.

Aqila Raisa Putri Maulani

Subhanallah, I got a lot of knowledge from here. In addition to practicing literacy skills, this competition also made me know and love Rasulullah better and better.

Eman Sulaiman

Literacy competition Semua Membacanya 2022 is an event that is challenging, exciting, educating, increasing our recognition and love for the Prophet Muhammad.

Fee and Books Used for Competition

Jalan Nabi 1

Specific to participants who prefer to read in Bahasa Indonesia

The Luminous Life Of Our Prophet

Specific to participants who prefer to read in English Language

English language competition participants can choose the following option:

Seminar access fee: 2 USD

Book is not provided by the committee

Examined book : The Luminous Life of Our Prophet

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What is a Mata Air magazine?

Mata Air Magazine is a science, culture, and spirituality-themed magazine published in Indonesia, and a forum for scientists and scholars of the world to express their writings. Mata Air discusses various themes of life that are presented in an interesting, thorough manner, using eloquent and ethical language.

Is this event paid?

Yes, this competition is paid. For details on the amount of registration fee, you can scroll down to the participant ticketing / registration fee section on this page.

Is the participant registration money used for prizes?

The participant's registration fee is not rotated by the committee to be used as a prize. The registration fee is used to purchase competition material books and seminar access for participants.

How to register for this competition?

All you have to do is click the register button above, and fill in the data as stated on the form.

Where and how can I buy printed books?

The printed book will be sent after you have completed the race registration process. Please make sure the address you enter on the form matches your residential address.

Is this competition fully online?

Yes, this competition is fully online. The aim is that participants from all over Indonesia and also around the world can easily participate in this competition.

Is this competition open to the public?

The competition is open to the public, and there will be two categories: student category and general category.

Are competition participants required to purchase merchandise?

Participants are not required to purchase merchandise. But by purchasing merchandise you can preserve your memories with the Semua Membacanya 2023 competition.

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